The Top Dog Deals Updates French Bulldog Collection

The Top Dog Deals is proud to announce that, following a conversation with a customer on social media, they have updated their French bulldog collection. The company has always been known to be very social, engaging directly with their customers in order to add new products and product categories to their website. The expansion of the said product collection is a direct result of that.

A representative from The Top Dog Deals says: “We love to hear from our customers. We’re all dog lovers, so even if they just want to share an image of their dog with us, we’re happy to take a look. One customer pointed us to a number of items relevant to the French bulldog, and we decided to add those to our collection straight away. We would express our gratitude for their help.”

As always, the collection has also been added to Pinterest. The company does this with each of their collections, thereby ensuring that people can view and share the things they like, or pin them for future reference. Additionally, by pinning an item, they share it with their own followers, which in turn means more people are able to see the collections.

The Top Dog Deals’ French bulldog collection is certainly growing. It includes bracelets, a range of car stickers, earrings, necklaces, keychain, charms, wall stickers, oil paintings, pillow cases, cushion covers, and a no pull harness for the dog itself. This is one of the company’s most extensive collections.

“The French bulldog is clearly a very popular dog breed as there is so much about them to find,” adds the representative. “We absolutely love the breed ourselves and are always more than happy to further expand our collection with items that we believe our customers will love.”

The French bulldog is just one of the many dogs that The Top Dog Deals lists on its website. They regularly add new breeds as per requests from customers through social media. They also encourage people to share images of their purchases in action through the various social media sites. In so doing, others can learn how to express their love for their dogs as well.

Those who need more information can contact The Top Dog Deals through its website or through Twitter.


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