The Top Dog Deals Offer English Bulldog Collection

For online company The Top Dog Deals, their goal is to provide dog lovers all over the world with products that enable them not just to make their beloved pets comfortable, safe, happy, and healthy, but also allow them to showcase their love for their dogs to the world as well. They do so by offering a range of products and accessories pertaining to specific dog breeds. They are proud to announce that they now offer the English Bulldog collection as well.

“The English bulldog is such an iconic dog,” says a representative from The Top Dog Deals. “Since the series Jake and the Fatman, everybody associates this dog with a relaxed, no-nonsense attitude and a whole lot of love. We are so proud to have added this particular breed to our collection and we will continue to add new products to this zone as we go along.”

Currently, the English bulldog zone includes a no pull harness, a yoga iPhone case, pillow cases, oil paintings, and wall art stickers. It is likely that other items, such as necklaces, charms, and bracelets, will also be added in the near future. Furthermore, the company offers car seat belts for most dog breeds, so it is likely that these will be added soon as well.

People who have purchased any of the English bulldog products are encouraged to share images of their purchases on Instagram. Hashtags such as #DogsOfInstagram and #EnglishBulldogsOfInstagram are trending and will enable more people to see the products in action. The representative adds: “We would love to see what you think of our English bulldog products, so do tag us in any picture you upload to Instagram, please. We can’t wait to see all the doggy pictures as well!”

The Top Dog Deals has a very active social media presence. All of their products are listed on Pinterest with a full explanation of what they are and how they work. Additionally, the company has a large Twitter following, through which they are able to communicate directly with their customers. It is also on Twitter that people were able to inform them that an English bulldog zone should be added to their website.


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