The Top Dog Deals Releases Go Pro Dog Harness

The Top Dog Deals, an online community, and shop of dog products is proud to announce that they have recently updated their website to add new items. Specifically, they have added the Go Pro dog harness, designed to stop dogs from pulling in a gentle manner. The harness is available in different sizes, suitable for small, medium, and large dogs.

A representative from the company says: “Dogs have a tendency to pull. While they may not mean any harm in doing that, that can be quite dangerous. It leaves children incapable of walking their dogs, and the elderly or injured afraid to take their pets out for a walk. A harness is a great way to stop this in a comfortable manner and the Go Pro harness is recognized as being one of the best when it comes to harnesses.”

The harness features a puff cotton lining, which is soft and comfortable. It is also very easy to fit on and take off. But what really sets this harness apart is that it can be fitted with a camera either around the neck of the animal or on its back. The representative adds: “Fitting a camera on your dog is a great way to find out what it is up to and to see the world from its perspective. It is also a very good addition to your overall home security system.” Images taken from cameras fitted to the Go Pro harnesses of Top Dog Deals dog owners have been shared on the company’s Pinterest page.

The Top Dog Deals has also made a full shout out on Twitter, asking other dog lovers to share their own images captured by cameras on their dog’s neck or back. This has resulted in a number of fascinating images, giving people a true insight into the lives of dogs. The representative says: “We forget that dogs are so much smaller than us, and they spend much of their time with their heads down. The images the camera creates from this perspective are just fascinating! I have used it on my dog and I have never seen anything like it.”


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