The Top Dog Deals Offer Beagle Collection

The Top Dog Deals is an online business that offers people everything they could possibly need to showcase their love for dogs. With so many different dog breeds, however, the company is always working on adding new lines to their collection. They are proud to announce, therefore, that they now offer the Beagle Collection.

A representative from The Top Dog Deals says: “Beagles are absolutely adorable dogs. Small in stature, they look as if they are puppies even in old age. And they behave that way as well. Beagles are highly energetic dogs and get up to all sorts of mischief, particularly if they are bored. Regardless of that, however, they are incredibly lovable and we are happy to be celebrating them in our new Beagle Zone.”

The Beagle Zone includes a wide range of products, such as earrings, pillow cases, charms, oil paintings, a no pull harness, necklaces, and bracelets. More products will be added regularly, as and when they become available. The collection can also be seen on the company’s Pinterest page, where other zones for different breeds are also fully listed.

“We have built an active social media community across a wealth of channels,” adds the representative. “We want to make sure that people will not just find us, but also share their own things with us as well. Indeed, we rely on our followers to let us know if there is any breed we have forgotten to add or any product that should be included in our listing. They can tell us through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network.”

Additionally, people who have purchased any of the beagle products are encouraged to share images of their products in action on Instagram. A number of hashtags, including #DogsOfInstagram and #BeaglesOfInstagram have already taken off. In so doing, people can show other potential customers what the products are truly like when in use, while at the same time sharing their own views and opinions on them. The representative says: “We highly encourage people to let us know what they think of our items and we can’t wait to see lots of doggy pictures at the same time.”


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