The Top Dog Deals Posts Catalog Of Dog Collection Items

The Top Dog Deals is an online business that focuses on providing dogs and dog lovers with high-quality items. They have launched an active social media campaign to encourage people to come forward to suggest different dog breeds to add to their website. This has been so successful that they have now announced that they have posted a catalog of dog collection items on their website, because they have grown significantly over recent months.

A representative from The Top Dog Deals says: “Our customers and community have been so vocal in suggesting different dog breeds and encouraging us to find different items, that we now have a huge number of products in the store. To make it easier for our clients to find the things they need, we have created a catalog of dog collection items.”

In the past, The Top Dog Deals only categorized their items by dog breed. However, this list has started to get incredibly lengthy, making it more difficult for people with multiple breeds to find matching items. Hence, while these categories still remain, new ones have been added to focus on types of product, such as harnesses, bracelets, or car seat covers. This was first announced on the company’s Facebook page, where they have the most active following, and this development was greatly welcomed.

“The Facebook community we have started to build is extensive and we love sharing our news and updates with our followers,” adds the representative. “We were very happy to see that we were on the right track in adding categories to reflect not just dog breed but also type of product and we can’t thank our followers enough for confirming that to us.”

As has always been the case, The Top Dog Deals has also added the new categories to their Pinterest account. This enables more people to pin the different items that they like and share them with their followers. Additionally, it makes it easier to tag pins together when they reflect different products purchased from The Top Dog Deals. The representative says: “Do keep sharing your pictures and stories with us, we love nothing more than to see our products in action.”


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