The Top Dog Deals Launches Shih Tzu Zone On Its Website

The Top Dog Deals is an online business that focuses on all things related to dogs. Because of the large variety of breeds of dogs, they have divided their website into different breed ‘zones’. They have now announced that they have recently updated their website to include a Shih Tzu Zone.

A representative from The Top Dog Deals says: “We are so excited about the Shih Tzu Zone on our site. It is one of my personal favorite dog breeds, with its unique personality and overall cuteness. We look forward to hearing from our customers about how they have experienced our products and, as always, we will be adding more as and when new things become available.”

Although the new zone has only recently gone live, it already includes quite an array of different products. These include a vintage necklace, a no pull harness, a matte silver necklace, two different vinyl car stickers, and a 3D necklace. Each of these items have been carefully selected by the team at The Top Dog Deals in partnership with their community.

The representative continues: “We have a very active community across all social media channels. People often contact us through Facebook and Twitter to tell us about certain dog breeds they would like to see added to our offerings, but also about more specific items.”

This partnership with the community has ensured that The Top Dog Deals sets itself apart from other standard online businesses. This is also evident from the comments and reviews left by people who have made purchases. The representative continues: “Not only do people tell us how happy they are with their purchases, they also share images of their products in action on Instagram and Pinterest, for instance. We absolutely love this as it gives us the opportunity to see people’s four-legged companions as well. We can’t wait for the adorable Shih Tzu pictures.”

Now that the Shih Tzu Zone is live, people are encouraged to check back regularly for new product lines. The company is currently looking for more jewelry, pillow cases, car safety products, wall art, and more.


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