The Top Dog Deals Updates Instagram Page

The Top Dog Deals is an online community of dog lovers. They use various social media accounts to build this community, enabling people to share their personal hints and tips on all things dogs. Additionally, they offer a range of products targeted at specific dog breeds through their online store. They have now announced that they have recently updated their Instagram page, through which they also share images of all their products and more.

A representative from The Top Dog Deals explains: “While we are a store, we are more about the social community. We aim to bring people together through their love of dogs, which is one of the most social domesticated animals on the planet. Our Instagram page reflects not just the products that we offer, therefore, but now also our love for man’s best friend. We are happy to see that there has been a marked increase in our Instagram following.”

Their Instagram page currently has images of all the different products that the online store is offering. Additionally, news announcements of events, such as the upcoming Father’s Day, are also posted there. Additionally, being a social media account, it enables people to share how they have experienced the products they have purchased, something that many have already done.”

The Top Dog Deals is also very active on other social media channels, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Through these online communities, they not only share information about their products and the store, they also provide their customers with the opportunity to request the addition of more products for other dog breeds, and so on. The representative continues: “We rely on our followers to tell us what else they would like to see. So far, we have a large number of breed specific ‘zones’ on our site and we want to expand on those as much as possible.”

People are also encouraged to find the community on Pinterest, where further information on dogs, dog breeds, and dog-related products are shared as and when they become available.